Gevorest Christmas Magic 2015 - Gevorest
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Themed Fairy tale Event

And while you fall deeply into sleep, tucked nicely in your warm bed, feeling peaceful and relaxed, you suddenly enter a magic world, a world filled with colors and smells and imaginary adventures: the world of dreams, a special place for each and everyone of us!

This is the magic promised by Gevorest this Christmas! As a loyal advocate of “Sleep Ideology”, Gevorest promises to transfer you to its magic world, a world of bed time stories, specially designed for our little friends but equally exciting for the child hidden within grown ups too! Stay tuned until “The Magic of Gevorest” is revealed, which will definitely spread some fairy dust on your beds and will enchant you with its storytelling!

Gevorest Christmas Magic is brought for the first time to you this Christmas. Our favorite fairy tales presented through the magic world of Gevorest. Are you ready to enter?

We travel together with our fairy tales in Paphos, Nicosia and Limassol and we are ready for a unique Christmas experience!