Gevorest Christmas Magic 2020 - Gevorest
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Gevorest Christmas Magic 2020

Gevorest Christmas Magic 2020

Once upon a time… it was the magical Christmas of 2015, when the “Magic of Gevorest” was born.


A message was spread all over the world, from the largest cities to the smallest villages, that the Magic of Christmas has its origins in Gevorest. Thus, we decided to bring our favourite Fairy Tales to life and present them in a unique way. Using the most dreamy colours that can be admired by the human eye – the white colour from the untouched snow of the icy North Pole, the green and the scarlet from the rarest wildflowers, the red, the orange, the purple and the pink from the most exquisite sunsets! A colour palette that turns into an…. emotional palette!


Fairy tales are a train that takes us to their wonderful world of Dreams and Magic, when after a demanding day we lie on our mattress and we fall in the arms of Sleep. Think about it! … Sleep, Dream, Magic, Fairy Tales…


That is why we turn back to them again and again. To remind ourselves that no matter how difficult the conditions are, there is always room inside us for a little sparkle, a little colour, a little hope… for a little Magic!


Wishing you ALL Merry Christmas! May the New Year make your wishes come true!

So, get on to our train of Fairy tales that will take you to the wonderful world of Dreams and Magic.