Pillows Cyprus Get the Best Quality of Sleep in Cyprus
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A basic component for sleep quality.

Choosing the ideal pillow, is an essential prerequisite to enjoy a revitalizing and refreshing Sleep. It is a way to maintain your health and well-being, provided that your choice of pillow is based on your body type, Sleeping position as well as the softness of your mattress.


Remember that the ideal pillow for each of us is different. That is why you should always choose your pillow with the help of a qualified Gevorest Sleep Advisor through diligent trials so as to achieve the alignment of your spine and neck.


The criteria that need to be considered in order to choose the appropriate pillow for each person include:
• The sleeping position taken most of the time
• The body type, meaning the distance of the shoulders from the head
• The rmness of the mattress

Back sleeper

If you are a back sleeper then you need a lower pillow in order to support the head without applying any upward pressure to the neck.

Shoulder position

Make sure that your shoulders are not positioned at the top of the pillow during the trial and during sleeping.

Mattress Firmness

While sleeping on a soft mattress, the body sinks deeper into the mattress. As a result the distance between the shoulder and the head is smaller and therefore the pillow has to be low.


When the mattress is medium to rm the body does not sink as much into the mattress. In this case a higher pillow is more appropriate.


Reasons to change your pillow?

The use of a protective pillow cover is necessary. It protects from di erent body secretions, for example sweat or saliva. At the same time it keeps the pillow clean throughout its lifetime without the need to wash it regularly.

  •  Reduced comfort
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Neck pain
  • Misalignment of the spine with the neck (as shown in the above illustrations)
  • Purchase of a new mattress

  • Mattress and Pillow

    Carefully chosen, and always used with a protective cover. Make sure that both the mattress and pillow of your choice support your neck and spine correctly, are comfortable, and meet your own personal needs.

  • Base (Divan)

    Uniform at surface, necessary for the correct function of the mattress.

  • “Dress Up” Your Bedroom

    Take your time selecting bedsheets and pillowcases. There are thousands of designs, combinations and colours which will bring character, beauty, and a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom!