Gevorest Christmas Magic 2017 - Gevorest
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Gevorest Christmas Magic 2017

At Gevorest we love the Christmas spirit. So, we are back with our Gevorest Christmas Magic, a series of great events and initiatives to share the festive spirit and make you feel the magic of giving!
We are on our way…are you ready?

Once upon a sweet Christmas night, the elves start dancing their cheeky dances, ready to welcome the magic of Christmas…

And suddenly…Bammm!, Woooooow! Achooooo!
Vixen??? Rudolph???? HO HO HO! Clumsy Santa is stuck in the chimney! Where are my elfs, he wonders, quickly come and take me out of this chimney!!! Where is everybody???
Santa’s boots are flung high in the cold air and his bright red suit has turned black from all the chimney smoke!
Quickly, come!!! he shouts! Rudolph is stuck in the chimney with him, Vixen has landed on a cloud, his other reindeers trying to understand what has just happened and get back to work!»

Come and join the elves in their magic dance and impressive twirls and turns and experience your favorite fairy tales as presented by Gevorest Christmas Magic!

#GevorestChristmasMagic #LetTheMagicBehind

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