Gevorest Christmas Magic 2023 - Gevorest
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Gevorest Christmas Magic 2023

Think of a boy growing up in a remote area where toys are a luxury that not everyone has access to.

The boy starts playing with rocks, boxes and sticks to build his own toys.

It is never about the manufacturing process or the beautiful shiny colours for him. It’s about the stories that he can create every single day.

An empty pack of matches that represents an airplane with wings of a bird and a tail of a fish˙ or a random leaf that turns out to be a superhero, who tries to save the world of trees in his very own way. A wise-old star that emerges on Christmas day, encouraging you to look up and grab all those billion, zillion sparkling stars, reminding you to See Beyond and create a world that is entirely your own.


Those stories are daydreams of a young child who grew up seeing beyond the physical world-seeing creatures that could exist, objects that come alive and even actions that can be taken.

This year the Gevorest Christmas Magic team, decided to enter the world of dreams in a very eye-catching, thought-provoking way.

We could make this happen, with the amazing talent of Eisa Baddour, an artist whose imaginative musings have breathed life into drawings that capture the innocence, dreams and boundless creativity of childhood.

Therefore, in the spirit of youthful wonder and imagination, we wish that you find the inspiration you are looking for, and that you always keep seeing beyond

…because we all had dreams when we were younger, and it’s important to remember them when we are lost in this fast-changing world.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and we hope that this New Year finds you exactly the way you want to be, the way you need to be, and the way you dream to be.