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Base (Divan)

For an ideal sleep quality, we need: a base (divan), a mattress and a pillow.


The perfect combination of these three components contributes to the absorption and elimination of all body pressures, always aiming at the preservation of the spinal cord at its right place (see diagram). The purchase of these components must always follow a proper trial with the assistance of a qualified Sleep Advisor.


For your Base (Divan), you may choose:

  • Type of Base (Divan): with independent springs, uniform springs or solid wood
  • Size: You may place your order in any dimension
  • Height of Base (Divan): in combination with the height of the base leg of your choice
  • Design and height of base leg
  • Colour: Fabrics and leathers In a variety of designs and colours
  • Headboard: from the Ypnos, Relax or Anesis Collections
  • Divans Legs: At Gevorest, we love details; and your divan’s legs should be no exception. Choose from different designs and heights to complement your divan and to add character to your bedroom
  • Mattress and Pillow

    Carefully chosen, and always used with a protective cover. Make sure that both the mattress and pillow of your choice support your neck and spine correctly, are comfortable, and meet your own personal needs.

  • Base (Divan)

    Uniform at surface, necessary for the correct function of the mattress.

  • “Dress Up” Your Bedroom

    Take your time selecting bedsheets and pillowcases. There are thousands of designs, combinations and colours which will bring character, beauty, and a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom!