The Best Mattresses in Cyprus , the no1 Bed Company - Gevorest
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The mattress is the main component of the Ideal Sleep Environment as propagated by Gevorest.


As the most expert brand in the production of mattresses in Cyprus since 1967, we have changed the development of mattress-making and since 2008 we have been manufacturing the single-sided architecture mattress (no need to turn your mattress every once in a while). Our mattresses ensure both a proper sleep and a high aesthetics result by integrating science and design into mattress manufacturing.


  • Mattress and Pillow

    Carefully chosen, and always used with a protective cover. Make sure that both the mattress and pillow of your choice support your neck and spine correctly, are comfortable, and meet your own personal needs.

  • Base (Divan)

    Uniform at surface, necessary for the correct function of the mattress.

  • “Dress Up” Your Bedroom

    Take your time selecting bedsheets and pillowcases. There are thousands of designs, combinations and colours which will bring character, beauty, and a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom!