Gevorest serves the quality of sleep since 1967 - Gevorest
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Sleeping as an important life value is a core element of our philosophy and product strategy. At Gevorest, we consider it essential to manufacture each product in such a way that customers receive a return on their investment; especially since good sleep is an investment worth making. The triptych of our process and essentially our success involves high quality products, best service to our customers and the constant dissemination of knowledge. Our aim in producing an Ideal Sleep Environment originates from our desire to empower individuals and their loved ones to dream and lead a healthier and happier life.

  • Our brand philosophy

    The Gevorest name is synonymous with quality. We value sleep as a lifestyle choice, an informed and conscious choice to lead a healthier and more empowered life.

  • Our business principles

    Our consistent focus on core activities such as the production of mattresses and other products related to the sleep environment have enabled us to offer tried, tested and reliable solutions for your daily sleeping habits.

  • Our strategy

    Emanating from our love for sleep and our know-how in relation to sleep science, our core strategy involves the rigorous pursuance and maintenance of quality, the public’s continuous education and an informed and socially responsible marketing strategy.