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Our bedroom should be a space of serenity for mind and body

A room with a headboard will typically look more formal than a room without, regardless the style of the headboard itself. The style element helps to create a more ‘put-together’ look in the bedroom. It isn’t necessary to exactly match the colours or materials of other pieces but your headboard should complement accents and furnishings in the room. Use this large, visually striking piece to express your own creativity and style.


A headboard is much more than a design element. It can serve as the backboard behind pillows and its padding can make you feel more comfortable while sitting. Some reading before bed can you sleep easier. Fans of reading can enjoy the study support of the headboard, thus making their favourite habit even more pleasant. The soft padding as well as the fact that there are no sharp ends on our headboards, is also the reason why it is much safer for children to ‘play around’ on the bed.


A traditional wood headboard made of leather, suede or canvas will add both function and style to any bedroom. By changing your headboard instead of your whole space, you can create a new look (for a decent price) every 2-3 years. Your choice of headboard creates an identity for the space in which you spend the most important moments of your life; where your family’s history is “written”.


Sleep Environment by Gevorest

The ideal bedroom for a better Sleep Quality includes:

  • Mattress and Pillow

    Carefully chosen, and always used with a protective cover. Make sure that both the mattress and pillow of your choice support your neck and spine correctly, are comfortable, and meet your own personal needs.

  • Base (Divan)

    Uniform at surface, necessary for the correct function of the mattress.

  • “Dress Up” Your Bedroom

    Take your time selecting bedsheets and pillowcases. There are thousands of designs, combinations and colours which will bring character, beauty, and a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom!


Awakens your mind before your body.


A very warm or cool bedroom will disturb your sleep. Adjust room temperature through the use of bed linen (light bedding, warm blankets and quilts)


Isolate internal and external noise with double glazing windows


Paint your walls in light colors and add details with more vibrant colours for an aesthetically pleasant space.


Proper room ventilation ensures a healthy sleep.

And finally ….

Add a headboard which will become your bedroom’s centrepiece, an art painting which will define and add style to your room!