Gevorest Christmas Magic 2018 - Gevorest
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Gevorest Christmas Magic 2018

Gevorest Christmas Magic 2018

Christmas isn’t just about family, a cup of hot chocolate next to a warm burning fireplace, your classic Christmas TV movies or traditional Christmas sweets which everyone longs to taste…it isn’t only about a home filled with festive and familiar smells or beautiful gifts under the Christmas tree or street lights…Christmas is more than Christmas carols on the radio (which everyone has sang when no one is watching or with others while riding the car with friends for some last-minute Christmas shopping!)…it isn’t about having everyone you love gathered around the dinner table, smiling and sharing the joy of the season. Christmas is about what we see and hear, what we want deep inside, what we feel… Christmas goes beyond actions…it represents feelings and moments in time…it doesn’t matter if we can’t decorate the most impressive tree or offer the most expensive gift. What matters is to realise that the tiniest of details bring joy…just like when we were children and the smallest Christmas light made our heart jump. That Christmas light…is inside us, it hides in our heart and shines differently for everyone. What is left to do is to let ourselves find the way to its brightest day yet…and then, something magical might be just around the corner!

What is it that defines Christmas magic?

Suddenly, everything feels like magic… everything feels bright! Pause and take a trip down memory lane… Come and join the elves in their magic dance and impressive twirls and turns and experience your favorite fairy tales as presented at the Gevorest Christmas Magic! At The Mall of Cyprus Saturday December 24 at 16:00 Entrance 1 #GevorestChristmasMagic #LetTheMagicBegin

We hope to see you there and experience together the #GevorestChristmasMagic!