Bed Linen - Polytelia - Gevorest
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High Quality. Soft feeling. Absorbent. Hygiene. Durability. Luxury. Polytelia.

Polyteleia in Greek means luxury and this is the feeling of our newest bed linen collection: high quality, soft touch, an absorbent quality, hygienic and durable. Polyteleia safeguards a luxurious and reinvigorating sleep experience. In both rich and neutral tones, this collection withstands the test of time and adds a simplified elegance to changing fashion trends, being diachronically relevant and an all-time classic.

Made from luxurious fabrics 100% combined cotton satin 300TC. This bed linen collection will upgrade your Gevorest bed in a perfect match. Your bedroom is the truest reflection of yourself, your habits and your quality of life. Available in 7 rich colors: white, ivory, grey, baby blue, bordeux, dark purple and lilac.