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Individual Comfort! One mattress … two different senses

A 20-year married life or cohabitation is estimated to have completed more than 50 thousand hours of joint sleep.

What if there are different sleeping needs, habits and preferences? Should a couple buy 2 mattresses of different softness or should one of the two compromise and sacrifice the quality of his/her sleep? It is a fact that each of us has different sleeping needs and these are determined mainly by our body type but also by the feeling we expect from our mattress.

However, regardless of body type, preference and sleeping habit, the ideal mattress should offer all of us the following:

  1. Elimination and effacement of all pressures and discomfort of the body, minimizing twists during the night
  2. Freedom of movement of the body without sinking into the mattress
  3. Isolation of any movement on the mattress, either it is ours or our partner’s
  4. Proper adaptation of the mattress to the anatomy of the body achieving the maintenance of the spine in its natural position
  5. Maximization of the sleeping surface, keeping our body stable and comfortable up to the edge of the mattress
At Gevorest, we base our entire mattress production on the one-sided architecture.

Based on the above-mentioned, we here at Gevorest, after much research and experimentation, have come up with the advanced Individual Comfort innovation. We designed mattresses with a different and personalized feel on each side, thus satisfying couples with different body type, different body mass index, as well as with different preferences in terms of feeling and softness, without compromising on the level of comfort and support.

Comfortable and enjoyable sleep is a value of life, which is why we as Sleep Counselors are happy to inform those who share their mattress with their partner… that we can put an end to the nights of restless sleep.

All Gevorest Sleep Centers are equipped with Individual Comfort mattresses.

Visit us for a test! We look forward to welcoming you in our stores.