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The technology offered by Dunlopillo is based on a combination of natural and synthetic latex. The physical properties of lated and its honeycomb surface allow for a natural ventilation and ideal elasticity. This mattress prevents the growth of bacteria and offers ideal conditions for a healthy and restful sleep minimising body pressures. The basic property of Dunlopillo is the independent support behaviour which means that the body may move freely without disrupting your partner’s sleep.


17 cm

Top panel fabrics

Knitted fabric that enhances the comfort feeling of the mattress


High resilience latex foam that contributes to the anatomic support provided by the mattress to the body. Due to its open cell structure, it has excellent breathability and enhances quick humidity removal and heat management

Border colour availability


Softness availability
  • Soft-Medium
  • Medium-Firm
Mattresses - Dunlopillo
Mattresses - Dunlopillo