Ypnos Emerald - Gevorest
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Ypnos Emerald

A unique branded product, combining style and elegance with real value in terms of an ideal sleep experience. The ultimate mattress choice for a life-long investment.

  • 92 x 192 x 28 cm
  • 107 x 192 x 28 cm
  • 137 x 192 x 28 cm
  • 153 x 192 x 28 cm
  • 160 x 200 x 28 cm
  • 180 x 200 x 28 cm


* In addition to the above sizes, custom sizes can also be ordered and manufactured.


26cm multilayered core with viscoool and HR foam

Top Panel Fabric

Organic cotton knitted fabric that enhances the comfort feeling of the mattress.  Infused with Aloe Vera and natural oils that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and microorganisms.

Softness Availability
  • Soft – Medium
  • Medium – Firm
Border colour availability

Selection of 7 coloured rhombus designs and 3 monochrome fabrics.

Foam Box

Foam Box  enhances the durability of the mattress as well as contibuting to minizing roll-over thus keeping our body supported and comforted up to the edge of the mattress

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