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Yawningis a natural human re ex. Every person «designs» their own unique way of yawning, thus creating an expression of their distinctive physiology and natural needs. Yawning may be accompanied by a stretch… or may not. It may be expressed with sounds or «hidden» out of politeness. When we yawn, our ears become rmly «shut», isolating us from our surroundings. This is why a yawn is such a personal experience. Additionally, our faces may contort into various weird and funny grimaces. There are no rules or guidelines to dictate how we yawn. Rather, it is an action simply associated with the pleasant feeling of a good night’s sleep or the desire to go to bed.


The design of a mattress begins with the meticulous study and understanding of the various ways in which it is used in our lives. Design does not simply refer to its decorative aspect nor does it necessarily focus on the aesthetics of the product. Design rst and foremost has to do with the functionality of the product, and to design something well you must “get it”; that is, identify its purpose, research it, try it, experiment, combine materials, architectures and opinions. To achieve a unique and great design, you need people with passion and dedication. Design is all about the details.


Our sensory reaction to a good mattress has to do with a combination of “emotions” which cannot easily be distinguished or analysed. Advances have been made which have brought about the “post – pnos Gold – era”. Traditional double-sided mattresses have been replaced by the architecture of the one-sided mattress, and classic white fabrics have been upgraded to “Rich Modern” colours. Countless tests were conducted on a variety of materials in order to determine the best possible combinations for Comfort and Support. When creating a product, we know that we will be judged based on its performance, and thus the focus must be on the end result so as “to be identifed as the quality standard”. Many years ago, we wanted to create a product that was beyond great; we wanted it to be unsurpassed. And the result is evident! We believe that it is you, our customer, who has contributed to this result with your preference for products into which a great deal of thought and creativity has been invested.