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Instructions for products care & proper use

Product care: before using them and while using them for the first time

Please remove the nylon packaging from the products to avoid moisture within the next four hours from the time of delivery. It is recommended that all new products are ventilated for 2-3 days before and during use. All new materials have their own scent which gradually subsides.

Please ensure that the area where the product will be placed is free from moisture and mould, has been sufficiently aired for any existing odours being removed. In case of any repair or painting of the space being needed, it is recommended to be carried out before delivery of the product.

Our new mattress needs a short period of about 15 days in order to adapt to your body for its comfort and support.



Single flat surfaced mattress base

Any inappropriate surface (mattress base) may cause damage or deterioration of the mattress’s comfort and support (diagram 4 of useful information). The appropriate single flat surface in coordination with the operation of mattress maximizes the comfort and support, while the single flat surface ensures the manufacturing quality of the mattress. For further information, please consult Gevorest.



Need for pillow change when purchasing a new mattress

When purchasing a new mattress according to its softness but also the sleeping position, the distance between the shoulders and neck changes. (fig. 5 of useful information). If the pillow is not suitable for our new mattress, we may feel discomfort. For further information, please consult Gevorest.


Necessary use of mattress and pillow protector

Night sweats are a common phenomenon. The sweat secretions generate moisture and stains inside the mattress and the pillow. By using a protector, we keep our mattress and pillow clean and dry, ensuring a healthy sleeping environment. The protectior is recommended to be of a cotton fabric so that it breathes and is hypoallergenic, while at the same time being completely waterproof. Any protector that is not waterproof does not protect our mattress or pillow.



Mattress storage and transfer

Please do not fold the mattress during transport or storage. When folded, a permanent serious damage will be caused. The mattress should be kept straight when transferred or stored. Please avoid using nylon packaging to store the mattress because there is a possibility of moisture development in the product.



Product maintenance and cleaning

Please avoid using cleaning chemicals or steam in case of stains on products. The use of any cleaning materials or steam may cause damage to the fabric and to the comfort and support materials of the product, in the case of a mattress. For extra refreshment, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner only. As far as the mattress is concerned, it is recommended that the protective cover and sheets are frequently changed. Also, a breath of fresh air is likely to give the mattress a feeling of freshness.



Other Important instructions for the care and protection of the product. Please:

  • Do not jump or stand on the mattress as this may damage the comfort materials.
  • Do not mop with excess water under the mattress base.
  • Do not lie directly on a bare mattress and do not clean it with a brush for there is a high risk of lint accumulation.
  • Keep products away from any heater or fire.
  • Do not smoke in the bedroom and especially on the mattress.
  • Do not iron on the mattress.